The History of American Express

American Express brings together over 150 years of expertise to offer a variety of credit cards that pack powerful rewards and allow card holders to earn points they can use for travel or merchandise. Save on interest by choosing a pay-in-full American Express charge card, or give yourself flexibility by opting for one of American Express’ many credit cards that are tailored to your spending needs.

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The History of Visa

Visa, the world’s largest and best-recognized electronic payment system, has its humble beginnings in the early days of charge cards – simple cards issued by individual banks that customers could use to make purchases without cash, and then pay off the balance in full each month. Most charge cards were issued by individual banks, could be used only in the issuing bank’s local area and therefore, did not take off in popularity for the first couple of decades.

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MasterCard Worldwide

MasterCard Worldwide is a major leader in the global electronic payment industry, second only to Visa. MasterCard Worldwide is the second-largest issuer of credit cards, and offers an expanding line of contactless and wireless payment methods, as well as advisory services to businesses that accept MasterCard. MasterCard Worldwide’s current thrust is to be at “the heart of commerce,” connecting purchasers with sellers no matter how remote they may be, and offering flexibility and purchasing power that will grow with the market.

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Meet George Jetson: The Smart Card with the EMV Chip

Picture yourself setting at the ATM, card in hand, when something catches your eyes. The LEDs around the port don’t seem right. The coloration of the plastic doesn’t quite match the machine itself. You shrug. As you reach out to touch it, the entire front of the machine clatters to the asphalt with an audible clatter.  This isn’t just a story, it’s happened. Many fraudsters now use devices, called skimmers, to both read and steal your information. Many of these can now be attached, virtually undetectable, to the front of ATMs and payment terminals. This type of fraud, or simple identity theft, costs the economy billions of dollars. We needed a solution.

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The History of Bank of America

Bank of America is one of the nation’s oldest and largest banking institutions, packing the security and resources to offer excellent products at a low cost for any consumer. Bank of America offers 27 different credit cards. Customers can choose Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards with Power Rewards, credit cards associated with airlines, credit cards associated with travel organizations, student credit cards, fully secured credit cards, a Major League Baseball credit card, a Susan G. Komen Foundation credit card, a Upromise credit card and basic credit cards.

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History of JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is the world’s oldest, largest and renowned financial institution operating in more than 50 countries. JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a combination of two of the world’s premier financial brands: J.P.Morgan and Chase. It was founded in 1799 and today it is a leading investment banking and financial services firm serving consumers, small business and commercial banking, financial transaction processing asset management and private equity.

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